Your Step by Step Guide To

Creating An Effective SEO  Strategy


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Your Step by Step Guide To

Creating An Effective SEO Strategy

Have you been struggling with SEO efforts and tactics with too little to show for it? Perhaps you’ve spent quality time and money but the results are not anywhere near where you’d like to be. If this is you, then you have to get strategic with your SEO. You have to learn how to make effective SEO strategy that will guide your actions and tactics. In this post, we’ll discuss how to SEO your website with careful planning and execution so you can build a solid online presence.


with SEO?


Step 1: Getting found by people searching for you

Ranking for a very popular keyword can be quite challenging especially when you’re just starting out. However, chances are there will be some people, no matter how small, who are already searching up for you. Perhaps they’ve heard about your company, perhaps you’ve met somewhere. These people are already looking up your website and you can’t allow this traffic to waste.

The solution, in this case, appears far less difficult than ranking for high volume competitive keywords. A few tweaks on your website will help you rank for your website name or even your own name so you can be found easily by people already searching for you. This should be part of the very first steps as far as how to SEO your website is concerned.

Step 2: Doing your keyword research… effectively!

If your plans on how to make effective SEO strategy does not feature keyword research, then your whole strategy clearly needs thorough re-evaluation. You have to create informative content that will add value and resonate with your audience. But then, your content has to revolve around what your audience wants. This is why you need keyword research. 

Keywords have always been important and today, they still are. Don’t be led into thinking otherwise.  Along with your main keywords, you’ll also need LSI keywords for your content creation. There are several keyword tools out there to help with your research, from Google’s own Keyword Planner and Google Trends to third-party services like, Ubersuggest, LSIGraph, etc. 

Step 3: Creating unique and better contents

You’ve found your keywords, LSI Keywords, topic ideas and are now set to begin writing. The next step in how to SEO your website should be on your website content. Quality, value, and uniqueness should be your watchword. However, the content still has to be optimized for the search engines.


Your strategy as far as how to SEO a blog is concerned, in relation to the content, should basically involve using your keywords and LSI keywords appropriately while still keeping the content as much as reasonable and valuable to the real people who need them. 


Step 4: Optimizing your website for on-page SEO

Your plans on how to make effective SEO strategy should also include properly optimizing your website for on-page SEO by ticking the box in all of the right places. This includes not just using your focus keywords in the content but also in the title tags, URL, and meta description, among others. The URL also has to be kept short, same as the title. Your images should also be properly optimized as well for size as well as for the image’s name. 

There still a few other things you should also focus on when planning how to SEO your website. These include reducing your page loading speed, making it mobile-responsive and improving the design and structure for improved user experience.  

Step 5: Building High-Quality Links

Everyone familiar with the SEO process will understand how important link building has always been. Hardly can you see a discussion on how to make effective SEO strategy without link building being featured prominently.

You should, however, approach this with caution so as not to incur penalties on your website. Your linking practices should also include internal links as well. Either way, linking is a very important factor for if how to make effective SEO strategy that works is a major concern for you.


Is this all there is about how to SEO your website? Not at all, there’s more!

That brings us to Step 6;

Step 6: Keep yourself updated on current trends and tactics

The world of SEO is a highly dynamic one and is always evolving. That’s why you have to keep yourself updated on current news and practices so you don't miss out on valuable information. As you focus on how to make effective SEO strategy for your website today, it will also make much sense to stick around for new information and developments that may influence your ranking and SEO strategies.


And now….

Step 7: Constantly analyze your results

If your resolve on how to SEO your website does not include proper measurement and assessment of your SEO strategies and the outcome, then its effectiveness is not really ascertained. Keeping an eye on important metrics from analytics will help you understand the direction and impact of each and every part of your overall SEO strategy. 

When next you set out to develop your own strategies on how to SEO a blog analyzing your results should take a place of prominence so you can easily see what works and what not so you can easily make leverage on your success and make adjustments where needed.


Bottom line

Any marketer will tell you that ranking higher on search engine results pages, (SERPs) is their biggest single problem. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google and that’s why everyone cannot rank on the first page of Google. That may sound funny, but it’s not. Search engine optimization has got a lot more complicated nowadays than it used to be. But carefully planning your own strategy will be important as you go about how to SEO your website.


Up there are some of the most important things you may want to consider if you’re looking for a less complicated solution on how to SEO your website 2019. Remember, the value you add to your audience still matters very much. Your consistency will also be very important in helping you achieve and sustain success with your SEO and your overall digital marketing campaign.

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